Corporate Workplace Wellness Program

Corporate Workplace Wellness Programs

Flexette Health and Fitness offers custom corporate wellness programs that help companies keep their employees motivated, maintain a healthy workforce, and promote interaction in the workplace. We design corporate wellness programs for organizations of different sizes, and our services are tailored towards helping our clients save more money by providing wellness programs that enhance the productivity of their workplace. We offer evidenced-based employee health and wellness programs, and our services have helped many companies in Vaughan reduce absenteeism, manage workplace stress effectively, cut down their expense on employee health insurance, attract highly sought-after talents, and retain their key employees.

Corporate wellness programs are becoming more popular in the business world because of the numerous benefits it offers. Several scientific studies have shown that investing in employee wellness programs yields high returns through savings in the reduction of sick days and an increase in employee productivity. Having a robust workplace wellness program helps you to show your employees that you do not only care about them but also have their best interest at heart. Flexette Health and Fitness employee wellness programs will help you reduce workplace stress, conflicts between employees, and the chances of your employee suffering depression to the barest minimum. 

We offer workplace wellness programs that include periodic health seminars for your employees, nutritional education, and on and offsite fitness workouts. At Flexette Health and Fitness, we assess the needs of each company and create a wellness program that is tailored to address their specific needs. We aim to help your company increase its productivity, make more savings on employee health costs, and help your workforce overcome workplace-related health challenges. 

Periodic Health Seminars

Our experienced health experts will educate your employees on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offer them tips that will help them achieve this goal. We take pride in the ability of our health experts to inspire, challenge, and motivate your employees to adopt lifestyle choices that will significantly improve their health and overall wellbeing.

Nutritional Education

We understand the importance and role of diet in achieving good health. Our nutritionists will not only educate your workforce on healthy eating but also teach them how to create a meal plan that will complement their fitness goals – weight loss, muscle toning, healthy living, or getting in shape.

Onsite fitness workouts and plan

Flexette Health and Fitness offers onsite workout classes to help your employees achieve optimal health. We can work with your schedule, and our fitness experts are available to hold as many classes as desired per week. We’ll provide custom workouts tailored to the specific goals of each participant. When necessary, class participants will get also get workouts plans they can practice on their own.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Program.

The benefits of corporate wellness programs offered by Flexette Health and Fitness includes:

  • Reduced Absenteeism – Unhealthy employees will have more off days due to sickness. An unhealthy workforce will also increase your expense on employee health insurance. Opting for a wellness program will help you keep your employees healthy, reduce the number of sick days and save thousands of dollars that may have been incurred on downtime and getting temporary employment to make up for sick employees.
  • Increased Productivity – Workplace wellness program will increase your employees’ morale; this, in turn, will increase their overall productivity. Having a healthy workforce also means your company will have more resources available to run its operations since you will be saving more money on employee health insurance premiums.
  • Higher Retention Rate – Employee wellness programs will improve your company’s retention rate. Brands with effective workplace wellness programs have a lower employee turnover rate.
  • Reduced workplace injuries – Healthy employees are less prone to injuries than unhealthy ones. Flexette Health and Fitness classes cover stress management, back care lectures, and other health talks that will help you reduce workplace injuries to the barest minimum.
  • Convenience – We offer a comprehensive employee workplace program that includes onsite workouts and classes. It reduces your employee stress as there may not need to travel a long distance to access a gym.

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