Fit 3D Body Scan

Fit 3D Body scan

Flexette Health and Fitness offers the only Fit 3D body scan in Vaughan. Fit 3D body scanners capture a 3D image of your body in a few seconds and provides over 400 accurate body measurements. It measures body fat percentage, body fat mass and lean mass. It is a great way to assess the effectiveness of your workout programs and track your progress regularly. Fit 3D body scanner is the most popular 3D body scanner in the world, and it is used by health professionals across the globe.

Flexette Health and Fitness’ Fit 3D body scanner helps you to see how your body is changing in response to your workouts. You will see your results in a live 3D avatar image. The result is uploaded to cloud storage, where you can check it anytime from any device. You can also compare your baseline scan with up to two future scans. 

Fit 3D body scan can accurately provide your body circumference measurements, trunk to leg volume ratio, body shaping rating, body lengths and widths, body fat and muscle composition, and more in just 40 seconds. Whether you are trying to lose weight or correct your body posture, Flexette Health and Fitness Fit 3D body scan will help you pursue your health and fitness goals successfully. 

How does Fit 3D Body scan work?

Fit 3D Body scan provides a non-invasive scan using a near-infrared camera to project infrared light on your body. The infrared light is like a web of dots, and it is invisible to the human eye. The Fit 3D Body scan processor uses the dots to render a precise measurement of your body.

Fit 3D Body Scan process

To use Flexette Health and Fitness’ Fit 3D body scanner, you will be required to stand on the scanner, hold the handles, and stay still until the process is complete. The base of the scanner rotates 360 degrees allowing the camera and sensors to take a 3D scan of your entire body. This simple and non-invasive process takes approximately 40 seconds. The body scan result will be on cloud storage, where you can always log in to your dashboard to review the results. 

If you need help understanding your result, our personal trainers and health experts can help you analyze your scan report and teach you how to track your fitness goals.

Benefits of Fit 3D Body Scan

Flexette Health and Fitness Fit 3D body scan near me offers you numerous benefits. These include:

  • Provides a visual result of your progress – Fit 3D body scan will show you how your body is changing over time. You will get 3D avatar and reports that will help you identify the changes you have achieved with your workout sessions. You can compare your baseline results with your future results at any time. 
  • Posture Analysis – Our Fit 3D body scan near me service also includes a complete assessment of your body posture. The scanner will provide insight about your head, neck, shoulders, ankle, hips, and knees positioning. The posture analysis report will help you determine the areas you should focus on at the gym. This scan is very beneficial for those having mobility issues or suffering from chronic joint pains due to bad posture. You will also get to know if your posture needs correction before it results in health issues.
  • Track your weight loss and body transformation – Fit 3D body scan measures your Body Shape Rating (BSR) and Trunk to Leg Volume Ratio. The 3D body scan report will let you know if your body shape makes you vulnerable to cardiovascular-related health problems. It will also help you compare the volume of your trunk to that of your legs to determine if you are prone to health issues like high fat counts, metabolic syndromes, etc.

At Flexette Health and Fitness, our Fit 3D Body scan cost is highly affordable. We’ll guide you through the body scan process and equip you with the necessary information so you can obtain optimum benefits. 

There are only three Fit 3D Body scanners in Ontario; and we are proud to say Flexette Health and Fitness in Vaughan is home to one of them.

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