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Flexette Health & Fitness seeks to ensure you are always feeling your best, so we are excited to announce the launch of our new on-site physiotherapy clinic!

A physiotherapy session is a great way to ensure any subtle aches and pains aren’t linked to anything deeper within the body.  Physiotherapy can also be utilized for increased mobility and stability, especially in the joints.

It is our goal to facilitate an environment where you always feel your best!

This would be a great way to create added convenience if a treatment plan is recommended by the physiotherapist, as all assessments and treatment plans will be carried out here in our facility.

Our physiotherapist will be on site offering FREE physiotherapy

Sign up for your FREE 30 minute physiotherapy session at the front desk, or call us at  416.993.3156 to book your session now.

We hope you resonate with our initiative to further enhance our proactive approach to your health, versus a reactive approach; your body is meant to feel amazing all the time!

Let us know if you’re interested in your FREE assessment!

We are accepting bookings now.

Yours in longevity,

Flexette Health & Fitness

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