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Do you want to enjoy the benefits and experience of Personal Training but can’t afford the fee?

Our unique small group classes all take place in our boutique style fitness studio in Vaughan. A non-intimidating, positive atmosphere that will not only ease the discomfort of attending large gyms and large classes but teach you proper form and how to maximize the full hour to get the results you need. Classes are small because it helps our trainers go around to each person to correct form and posture to prevent injuries. This is why our classes are suited for all fitness levels. From beginners to advanced clients, our trainers will modify each exercise accordingly to help you get the most of each and every workout class. Our classes are unique because we don’t want you to plateau, therefore muscles are always challenged and routines and classes change to keep you motivated. Our classes include, HIIT, Tabatas, circuit training, core strengthening, weight training, functional training and strength and conditioning.

Flexette Health and Fitness’ small group classes in Vaughan allow you to reap the benefits of Personal Training at a very affordable fee. Our unique small group classes take place in our boutique-style fitness studio in Vaughan. It is an opportunity to train with like-minded people while also leveraging the creativity, expertise, experience, and motivation of our Certified Personal Trainers. Our goal at Flexette Health and Fitness is to help each individual in our small group training programs achieve their health and fitness goals.

Whether you want to look good, get back in your pre-baby shape, stay healthy, build your muscles or reduce fat; our small group classes will challenge you and keep you motivated. You will work together with people who have similar goals at our Vaughan studio. We limit the number of people we can accept in each small group class so each member can enjoy a personalized experience with our trainers. We will focus on your form, track your progress and help you make adjustments where necessary.

Flexette Health and Fitness is located in Vaughan. We are your go-to fitness studio if you are searching for the best small group fitness classes. Our high-intensity interval training sessions in Vaughan have earned us a solid reputation in the health and fitness industry. Our small group training classes are a great way to get better results with your workout sessions.

Benefits of small group fitness classes

Here are some benefits you will enjoy by opting for Small Group Classes at Flexette Health and Fitness:

  • Personalized experience at a more affordable fee.
  • Our small group training classes are result-refocused. You will be assessed personally by our trainers at the start of the class and your progress will be monitored throughout the training program.
  • We increase the intensity of our training sessions over the course of the program, so you will always get to work harder.
  • The sizes of our small group class are limited; you will get personalized instructions and attention from our certified trainers.
  • Our skilled trainers will ensure you are working out correctly and also help you make adjustments where necessary.
  • Our small group classes are always fun-filled. You will work with other group members in pursuit of common objectives and individual goals.
  • We offer the most competitive prices in Concord (Vaughan)
  • You will get to train with a variety of world-class equipment in our boutique-style fitness studio.

Is small group training right for me?

You should consider opting for small group training if you fall into any of these categories?

  • You want personalized attention from your trainer but can’t afford a personal training class.
  • You feel intimated or uncomfortable working in classes with a large amount of people.
  • You love to work with a small group of people who have the same mission as you.
  • You want to have fun while you work towards your health and fitness goals.

Want to pursue your health and fitness goals with like-minded people while also enjoying a personalized experience with our certified trainers?

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